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We were established in 2011 as a modern software company in which we have software answers to your business questions


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2020 Sales in mil. €

A culture of freedom and responsibility

We are a company with a culture of freedom and responsibility and we care about that. We know that great products are made only by skilled people in a creative environment, so we prefer decision-making based on logic and common sense instead of formal and linked procedures. We implement custom software solutions in the field of complex database and business intelligence systems.

Our technologies allow us to always be one step ahead of the competition, which is why Deloitte has praised us as one of the fastest growing IT companies in Central Europe. We grew fast, but not uncontrollably, and in particular we tried to ensure that it was never to the detriment of our clients. We have also worked on several long-term projects aimed at significantly improving the informatization of our company and we are very proud of them.

What are we doing??

We create custom software

According to your needs and ideas

Digital transformation

Forget about paper and transform into cloud solutions

IT automation and optimization

Pay only the bare minimum for your IT structure. We help customers improve the state of their infrastructure with respect to cost, security risks and operational flexibility

Process automation

Reduce error rates, increase productivity and have translation and statistics available

Long-term management and maintenance of software

We monitor, check, update, repair. So that everything always works for you and you don't even have to worry about it

Ready-made solutions offer

With our partners we also have our own ready-made products that can meet your needs and you can start using them right away

Our story


Establishment of Jump Soft

We form the first team


Development of Twinzu

We invest in the development of our own technology


First project

We are a project company


We are growing fast

We have 60 employees


Sales 4.7 mil. Eur

We implement large projects



In the Central Europe Technology Fast 50 ranking, we ranked the highest of the 5 Slovak companies


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Submission of work


ISO 27001

Guarantee of information security


ISO 20000 achieved

IT service management system in the field of design and development of software solutions. Focus on database, transaction and business intelligence solutions in the cloud.



We are rebranding for our 10th anniversary

What makes us different?


Thanks to a simple and transparent architecture, we can identify problems faster. It also allows us to easily maintain the system and add new functionalities..


Thanks to the experience of our team and the latest technological tools, we can program much faster than our competitors. You will believe when you start working with us.


Frequent changes in the assignment are nightmares of all large IT projects. It's just a routine for us. Our web applications are ready for constant development, any change of assignment does not mean a technological problem for us.


We can develop complex systems without costly code rewriting, thanks to the reuse of parts of existing code. With repeated assignments, we can work very efficiently.