Management system for all Eurofund processes


Development of ITMS2014+

We have been fully developed since 2020. We have tried to bring new perspectives to the team, which has focused more on the user and quantifiable metrics from the moment a request for change is made, to its delivery.





Administrative and information support

ITMS2014 + is a system that manages all Eurofund processes in Slovakia. It provides administrative and information support to all stakeholders who enter into the subject of Eurofunds in any way.

From the moment of creating the basic lines of distribution of Eurofunds, through the announcement of calls for project submission, submission of projects themselves, their approval, clearing, to subsequent reporting and clearing to the European Commission, the basic and central tool is the ITMS2014 + system.


A common vision

Within ITMS2014 +, the company JUMP soft has been fully involved in its development since 2020. We tried to bring new perspectives to the team of years, focusing more on the user and quantifiable metrics from the moment of creating a change request to its delivery.

Together with the client, we found common ground and vision in these topics. Together with an experienced team on the client's side, we succeed in developing this system, communicating openly with its users as well as stakeholders and jointly maximizing the business value of the ITMS2014 + system.