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The Twinzu platform was created and is being developed internally in our country in JUMP soft. It is based on configuration-oriented programming. The Twinzu application consists primarily of two parts - code and configuration.





Tree structure

The application architecture is defined by the configuration stored in the tree structure. It is a form of application development in the form of writing (development) of information system architecture. This approach streamlines and accelerates development, streamlines the architecture of the entire application, simplifies the orientation of developers in the application, and brings a number of other benefits. This results in the ability to effectively develop and maintain much larger enterprise applications than you are used to. Effective development is aided by its own IDE, which is adapted to work with the architecture and the application code itself.

Twinzu is built on top of JVM / java, so it is possible to extend the platform with java libraries, frameworks and integrations. The Twinzu application can be customized using a JAVA code. In most cases, however, it is more efficient to use the Twinzu code. It is a simple and clear programming language adapted to work with tree structures. We are currently working on several enhancements that replicate today's world of rapidly evolving technologies. We believe that the current trend is based on change and we are trying to adapt our platform to this - so that you can react quickly and effectively to changes around you.

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