There is strength in the data. In the context of knowledge. Take asset management to a whole new level by intuitive analysis of complex data.


Information system for registration, administration and maintenance of property

Customized cloud solution without initial investment
Automation of administration and maintenance processes
Analytical tools for high-volume data
Digitization of paper archive
Extensions and integrations




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Target groups

Municipalities and municipalities
Medium and large enterprises
Management companies
Administrative objects
Hospitals and healthcare
Schools and campuses
Technology companies
Data centers
Production plants

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Buildings and land

The real estate registration module includes the management of premises, buildings, land and premises. It enables the logical merging of objects according to cost centers as well as other organizational structure defined by the customer necessary for effective technical and economic management. The module also includes records of contracts, entities and a price map of real estate rental.

Management and maintenance • scheduling and assigning tasks with user notifications

Event records • comprehensive management of the rental agenda

⁠Price map • overview of market rental prices of real estate

Public portal • offer of unused premises for rent

Integration on the register • simplification of registration and up-to-dateness of data

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Equipment, audits and energy

The device registration module enables clear planning of revisions and readings on energy and water meters. Revisions are planned automatically on the basis of statutory intervals, resp. selected periodicity. After setting the task schedule, the information system notifies the users of the upcoming deadlines.

Process automation • planning revisions and deductions

Mobile access for technical and field workers

Control, comparison and statistics of energy and water consumption

Support of automatic energy readings by smart sensors

Support of intelligent and remote space control using IoT / NFC communication

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Vehicle fleet, service and insurance

Registration of vehicles, insurance contracts, insurance events, service inspections and drivers with automatic completion of data after entering the registration number of the vehicle or VIN code. Fleet management has never been clearer.

Online verification of the validity of the technical and emission control directly in the system

Notifications on approaching deadlines

Equiring requirements to the fleet manager

Identification of problem vehicles and drivers

Electronicisation of the agenda of allocation, handover and acceptance of vehicles

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Facility maintenance

Thanks to QR codes, anyone can make an inventory using any smartphone. Simple and accurate. You will get an overview of all types of registered property, its location and responsible persons.

Support for printing custom property labels

Scanning barcodes with a smartphone

Categorization of assets by type and nature

Automated inventory planning

Paper-free inventory

Location overview